What’s Good on Netflix

For the indoor kids.

A New Kind of Icon: Queen Mimi

Spoilers abound because this is a documentary. What do you do when you see a homeless person? Zach Galifinakis and Renee Zelwiger befriend her, take her to swanky Hollywood events, and eventually rent and furnish a home for her. Queen Mimi tells that story, with much more focus on Mimi, the woman they helped, than Renee … Continued

Halloween on Netflix Part I: The Good

Wyatt rolls into New York City where he crashes at the apartment of his childhood friend Christian. Though both are upbeat and their conversations have the casual improvisational feel of a mumblecore film, they’re each miserable in their own way. Wyatt is tormented by phone calls from someone insisting that he shouldn’t trust anyone because … Continued

World of Tomorrow is Good!

You might best know animator and independent filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt’s style from the Pop Tarts ad campaign that copped it. With this year’s World of Tomorrow, he’s come a long way from the grotesque and jumpy Rejected cartoons. It seems in his old age he’s developed a desire to strike a note of poignancy that … Continued