Observing The Strokes

THE FORMAL OBSERVER in which Boston musician and mental health worker JACK HOLLAND therapizes his favorite musicians via their lyrics. 

Razorblade – The Strokes

Oh, razorblade, that’s what I call love…
I bet you’d pick it up and mess around with it.
If I put it down, it gets extremely complicated.
Anything to forget everything…

strokesSnazzy opening phraze, Julian.  I once had a patient who insisted every relationship involves a “needy hat” and only one person can wear it.  Of course if the one person puts it down, the other will obediently pick it up.

Anyway, consider me qualified enough on these matters to assert the following: compulsively engaging in this anxious transaction constitutes avoidance.  Avoidance of what?  Can anyone even say?  You say “anything to forget everything”… maybe our future sessions could involve a careful wading into that “everything” of which you make vague mention.

Exploring injury within intimacy is nothing new, but I like that you do it in leather. It squeaks nicely on the couch.