Observing The Stooges

THE FORMAL OBSERVER in which Boston musician and mental health worker JACK HOLLAND therapizes his favorite musicians via their lyrics. 

“Loose” – Iggy Pop & The Stooges

I’ll stick it deep inside. I’ll stick it deep inside. Cause I’m loose.

Iggy, Iggy, Iggy!  You keep me young, my friend. I’m reminded of my undergrad days, blitzed on schlitz and looking for a cute thing with a fire in my belly. Guilt is a collective low-grade infection to which I believe you are somehow immune.  And this is to be celebrated!  Did I ever tell you about the catholic nuns who taught me as a school boy?  Let’s not go there lest we never find our way back!

Iggy, what I’m trying to say is… you’re well. I want to put you in a pill and give you to my other patients.

When I was a resident in training on the old wards, one of my mentors bestowed upon me some precious wisdom. I asked him one day, “What is the common theme of pathology you see in all your patients?” “Most people need a little power” he responded. Wild as you are, your thriving is the result of rejecting assimilation into this society of discontents.  You’ve minted a fresh archetype: the healthy outsider.