Observing Bellwire

THE FORMAL OBSERVER in which Boston musician and mental health worker JACK HOLLAND therapizes his favorite musicians via their lyrics. Today, he plops his singer and Spark & Fizz editor TYLER BURDWOOD in the couch. 

Let It Shine – Bellwire

I’m never gonna let it shine.
You said it was mine
(this little light of mine).
I’m never gonna let it shine
It’s muh-mi-mine.

downloadIf that does not give you some pause, consider that before there was rock and roll, there was a man “selling his soul” for it. His name was Nietzsche and he approached sanity’s precipice only to go careening well past into the great beyond.  Even Carl Jung spoke of a light. Of course he dreamed of following it, not possessing it.

We have here a spicing up of idiomatic vernacular. Why does one “hide his fire,” so to speak? It serves to ensure possession of the flame. A “Vesuvius at home”––a cherished potentiality. In the parlance of our time, an “un-blown load.” Latent content loves a lid. To open the lid might illuminate the countenance of the gods. To carry the metaphor further I’m afraid would be pornographic. Not on my couch, I say.

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