Observing Radiohead

THE FORMAL OBSERVER in which Boston musician and mental health worker JACK HOLLAND therapizes his favorite musicians via their lyrics. 

Daydreaming – Radiohead

Dreamers, they never learn…

…beyond the point of no return

Thom every week you arrive in a different state of “fussy,” but the elegance of it all is surprising.  One may suspect you are riffing on the tragedy of irreversible climate change.  But being a dreamer, you chose a sensitive disposition, which fills you with wisps of things in which others more fully partake.

You are like a philosopher king, his hand making a visor at his brow.  Productive work does not suit your disposition.  You are one of the few willing to obsess over the organization of wispiness per se.  That may amount to an insensitive assertion, but I make it first to myself and only desire to share the profits of wisdom gained.