Revere Rock City

Revere Rock City is a compilation of bands from the greater-greater Boston area. All proceeds buy new instruments Garfield Middle School’s rock ensemble program.

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Revere music teacher, Eric Bolton, has supplied us with a short list of the ensemble’s most pressing needs. The total cost for the equipment is less than $2000. The district can’t provide this money, but we believe we can hit the mark if not exceed it, and bring some fresh new gear to the kids in Revere. Eric told us:

In Revere, the kids are as capable as in any school district. The main issue is that most of the kids live in apartment buildings and multi-family houses, so they have limited options to play music at home. The main thing I can do for them is to create an opportunity to learn music, play with a group. Getting instruments and building our program would provide them with that opportunity.

In the rock ensemble the kids choose the songs they wish to learn and perform. This year they’re playing arrangements of Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, and 21 Pilots. We were thrilled to have some rock ensemble students play with bands on the comp at Arts at the Armory.

The Garfield Middle School rock ensemble in action
The Garfield Middle School rock ensemble in action