Dog Thoughts

April 1st & feeling < foolish…

Most of Bellwire’s new EP Dog Thoughts is their usual overcharged, tongue-tied guitar-pop. But the EP starts in the avant-garde with the loose and furious “Dog Thoughts.” Chalk that up to singer Tyler Burdwood’s love for rock and roll poets like Jim Morrison and Patti Smith, as well as a change in the rhythm section.

For the Dog Thoughts sessions, Bellwire worked with Andy Fordyce, a music professor and jazz drummer with a penchant for fringe music. Even in the more sugary songs like their first single, “Time Out,”  Andy takes the band to college with his rhythmically adventurous parts. In Dog Thoughts the band runs on an entirely different clock from the punk lean of last year’s 7” Following the Plan.

If you like Richard Hell, Green Day’s first album, or the new-fangled art-rock of bands like Parquet Courts you should give the EP a shot. The CD comes in a gorgeous lyrics book designed by Chris Chew ofGentle Persons Gently. You can also buy handsome $3 cassingles at our bandcamp.