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HUMAN RESOURCES (Planet Scumm #5)

It’s here. The new Planet Scumm is a tender and bizarre collection of short science fiction. Press play to hear “THE TOWER,” in which a group of robots become free-thinking and are immediately depressed. The world and the robots are original and clearly drawn. And though no humans are in the story, humanity’s fingerprints are all over the … Continued

Slime of the Ancient Mariner

It’s said that humans are the only animals able to contemplate their own mortality. Planet Scumm #4 features tales of death and the end times, as experienced by the most human among us: lobsters. Also some aliens, robots, and a baby. Our summer issue, brimming forth with some of the finest & boldest science fiction is now available in … Continued

You Win Scumm, You Lose Scumm

My fellow Americans––and we are really, the best, the best of fellows––everything’s fine. Nothing to worry about. This is very, very, VERY normal. This visitor, he’s-she’s, it’s, I dunno the thing yet––he’s just here to visit. Okay? A visitor, who is very special, and is going to do some things––that’s all! Now, some people don’t … Continued

Revere Rock City Revisited

A concert band doesn’t have to groove. The level of syncopation in hip-hop and rock riffage, owing to its lineage back to jazz and Bo Diddley’s re-interpretation of West African drumming, is outside the scope of what most middle and high school concert bands attempt. But aesthetic politics and prejudices run deep.