The Hills and the Rivers, Bedbug, Really Great

In our series POST ROCK, bands send us postcards from wherever they go. We love that! Musicians draw on the front and answer our interview questions on the back. If you’d like to get involved handing out postcards at shows send an e-mail to

Draw your band, as animals.
Band name: The Hills & The Rivers
Where you’re from: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: 10/01/16 Current location: Baltimore!!

Tell us your band’s history, in five words: We’ve been together three years!

Where would you love to play? in a beautiful cathedral

How are you? i am fantastic. So many fulfilling experiences @ these shows on tour with amazing people

Date: 9/27/16 Show location: Bummer City Hall

Draw your band, as kids.
Band name: Bedbug
Where you’re from:
Date: I/D/K Current location: Somerville

Current travel jams: Acid Rap by Chance + Telefone by noname

Describe your best day on tour in five words: I went on one tour once and it was weird

How are you? Good Hbu?

Date: I/D/K Show location: Arts n Armory

Draw your band, as animals.

Up top:
why’s he leaning like this???
not really what my hair looks like
that was supposed to be a blush but it just looks like pik-chu

Speech bubbles:
goofy + bad joke…


At the bottom:
(also I drew my solo act setup cus that’s what I played last night!!)
bad guitar drawing!!

Where you’re from: BOSTON, MA
Date: 1/22/17 Current location: My very tiny bedroom!

Tell us your band’s history, in five words: I got sad, then sang.

Where would you love to play? Realistically? Probably either the Sinclair or Great Scott. If anything were possible… I don’t know, outer space???

How are you? I’m all riled up!!!! But otherwise good. Being riled up is good anyway because giving a shit rules!!!!!!!!

Date: 1/21/17 Show location: Blockbuster Video