Sidney Gish, susie derkins, Leor Miller

In our series POST ROCK, bands send us postcards from wherever they go. (We love getting mail!) Musicians draw on the front and answer our interview questions on the back. If you’d like some postcards to give out at shows, send an e-mail to or hit us up on Facebook!

Draw self portraits!

In the center: ART GALLERY

Top left speech bubble: I AM PLAYING A GUITAR

Bottom left speech bubble: NOW WEARING SUNGLASSES

Bottom right speech bubble: THIS IS ME AFTER I’VE TRANSFORMED INTO A CAT

Top right speech bubbles: OOOOO EEEEE UUUUU

Band name: Sidney Gish
Where you’re from: Randolph, NJ
Date: 1/22/17 Current location: Boston (Somerville)

Tell us about your newest song: “Avril Lavigne/Acts of Science” is not recorded yet but it’s about to be a banger

Your ultimate tour snacks: hypothetically i’d probably eat a lot of clif bars in an attempt to stay on top of nutrition lol

How are you? zesty, i think

Date: 1/22/17 Show location: Arts @ the Armory


Draw a picture of where you are.

Small text in picture frame: LEARN

Poster: YOU CAN

Text on right side: you have no idea how often i feel like this poster is mocking me

Your name: susie derkins
Where you’re from: new hampshire/boston
Where you got this card: BBV in allston, MA
Date: 3/17/17 Current location: philadelphia, PA

Your songwriting process, in five words: hoping things will work out

What’s your secret talent? speedwalking (ask + i will happily demonstrate)

How are you? literally so bad probably!!

Complete the drawing.

Text in center: MORE CHAOTIC

Your name: Leor Miller
Where you’re from: Evanston, IL, upstate NY
Where you got this card: Bummer City Town Hall
Date: 3/20/17 Current location: Brooklyn, NY

Weirdest tour experience, in five words: BASEMENT GROWLIGHT VOMIT MANNEQUIN MAKEOUT

What was the first instrument you ever played? I think piano, but I really had trouble learning it! So I only recently tried again

How are you? So good! Just finished a sweet little weekend tour & hanging w/ my partner! Finishing up an album. All in all, great! but preoccupied