The Sun Lions’ 8 Golden Oldies Most Likely To Bring About Wholesome, Good, & Pur Ol’ American Fun One Last Time Before It Snows

In Memoriam of Wholesome, American Fun: A Tribute to the Route 1 Mini-Golf Course

We’ve reached the end of an era.  The Route 1 Mini-Golf course is wrapping up its final season, thanks to some rich dudes that want to put up a few more McCondos. Progress marches on.

If you’ve never putted around the orange dinosaur, you just don’t understand.


We recently visited the course one last time to pay our final respects and film a music video on a shoestring budget.  You can check it out at

Speaking of a shoestring budget, the prices were rolled back on the day we went, all the way down to 1950s levels. We paid 50 cents each to play 18 holes. A rip off in Marty McFLy’s mom’s time, perhaps, but a hell of a deal today.

The whole time we were there, they were playing great oldies on the PA system, which really set the vibe. We apologize for pasting our song over them in our music video, but again, progress marches on.In remembrance of simpler times, we bring you a playlist of some of those golden oldies. Quickly, get out to your local mini-golf course, sandlot, drive-in or burger joint and crank these jams before it starts to snow.

Nothing but stone cold hits need apply here.

1. “At The Hop” – Danny and the Juniors

This is a classic doo-wop number. Great nostalgic feel and vocal arrangement. Also, the lyrics can hilariously be changed to “let’s go kill a cop”, not that we would ever condone doing this.

2. “That’ll Be the Day”- The Crickets

Buddy Holly died when he was 22. Enough said about the rest of our wasted lives. On a sidenote, one of the biggest regrets of my life is driving through his hometown of Lubbock, Texas, and not having time to stop at the museum they made in his honor. I may have to go back to West Texas just to see it, and there is almost nothing in this world that would make me go back to West Texas willingly.

3. “Who Put The Bomp”- Barry Mann

Remember at the Omni Theater at the Museum of Science they used to do the intro to this song before every show? That was awesome.

4. “Carol” – Chuck Berry

Believe it or not, the Sun Lions got started a few years ago as a four-piece band called The Images that mainly covered Chuck Berry tunes. This one is right up there with the most perfect songs ever written. Park your car out back and you can walk inside.

5. “He’s So Fine” – The Chiffons

George Harrison got sued for blatantly ripping this song off to write “My Sweet Lord” and ya know what? I can’t blame him.

6. “Up on the Roof” – The Drifters

One of the best “throw my cares away” type songs ever. In college, we rented a house and put a couch up on the roof to do various, nefarious things. Needless to say we had a pissed off landlord show up hours later and we had to throw the couch off the roof because it wouldn’t fit back in the window. Ah, college.

7. Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps–“Race with the Devil”

No one defines ’50s cool like Gene does. One of the best pompadour/leather jacket combos of all time. Cliff Gallup, the guitarist from the Blue Caps, is the most criminally underrated player of his era or any other. This track proves it.

8. Elvis Presley–“Good Rockin Tonight”

Although Chuck Berry is the true “king of rock ‘n’ roll” you gotta give Elvis some love for this track. Have you heard the news?