The Shrek Nudes Mixtape: An Interview With Jamie Loftus

Boston/L.A. comedian Jamie Loftus made waves and generated over $2000 for Planned Parenthood with her Shrek Nudes fundraiser. Nude photos of Jamie in green makeup sold very well on Etsy. She also put together this banging compilation to provided an alternative, less x-rated means of donating. The mixtape features excellent Boston music, including an ostensibly totally-backwards song from Hallelujah the Hills. There’s also some thematically resonant babysitter’s club erotic fan fiction from comedian Lilian Devane.

Jamie first became fascinated with Shrek when she discovered its musical adaptation. She went to see the musical five nights in a row and documented her slow descent into Shrek-induced madness for BDCWire. She then stripped in Shrek makeup with a friend at an ImprovBoston variety show. But her amateur ogre erotica fundraiser is surely the culmination of her productive “shrek period.”

Jamie called me from L.A. Wednesday night. She’d just performed at The Laugh Factory.

Spark & Fizz: What’s your favorite song from Shrek the Musical?

JN: Oh boy. I mean it depends on the day–changes all the time. I think in general the Act 1 closer “Who I’d Be” is my favorite.

S&F: How did the fundraiser go? It’s all done now right?

JN: It is–the mix is going to be on sale indefinitely and people can always donate. But as far as framing and shipping nudes, that chapter of my life is closed. It was great though–we were able to raise over $2000 for Planned Parenthood. And that’s a lot of nudes because they’re twenty bucks apiece.

S&F: So they’re $20. But let’s say you get a hit sit-com. How would you appraise the future value of those shrek nudes down the road?

JN: Oh my god. At least $25.

S&F: It could really inch up to 25, huh?

JN: That’s a market value increase of 25%. That’s nothing to scoff at.

S&F: Tell us about the mixtape.

JN: I did the mixtape as an alternative to my nudes. I was getting a lot of weird apologies from people. Like my tenth grade history teacher e-mailed me saying “Hey I saw your thing. I’m uncomfortable purchasing your nudes, but I think it’s a great idea.” I like that they apologize like I’m super upset they don’t want my nudes. I don’t care.

S&F: Did any friends buy the photos? Was there any weirdness in that process for you?

JN: None that I vocalized, but I do kind of wonder how many people it occurred to that I would be the one sending them. I mean of course I have everyone’s name and address. I sort of wonder if that would have given people pause if they had thought that all the way through. There were some wildcard buyers, like “Really? Well, I’m gonna do it, but interesting. Haven’t heard from you in a while.”

S&F: Amazing.


 JN: Yeah, people I haven’t heard from in a while now have naked pictures of me. And friends.

S&F: Who you want to have them.

JN: There’s been a few people, especially closer friends, who have texted me pictures of where they’re keeping their photo, which is cool. I’ve got some mantel real estate–that’s kind of nice.

S&F: Kind of.

JN: Yeah, kind of… that’s the whole thing with this.