Songs to Paint to: A Sam Rheaume Mixtape

Sam Rheaume painted our What’s Good on Netflix banner. We asked him to make a playlist of the music that gets him in the painting mood and then we talked about his art on the phone.

Sam’s been coming at his painting and printmaking differently lately. A couple years ago he was caught up with labyrinthine forms and academic still lifes. He was making art that was interesting to look at, the sort he studied at art school up in the woods of Durham, New Hampshire.┬áBut now, as the freaked-out What’s Good on Netflix banner demonstrates, Sam’s into work that’s a bit more emotionally immediate. He wants to repulse as well as intrigue with art that’s comical, sexual, and direct.

The music Sam’s put together here is largely instrumental, to leave the listener some space for their own thoughts. It also changes quite a bit in pace and feel. This is how Sam likes to listen when he’s working in the studio. It keeps him interested, stimulated. Use it to get something done!

The album that means the most to him right now? David Bowie’s Black Star. The way Bowie recycles his own story back into ever-changing art inspires Sam.

Check out his work below and keep up with the new stuff on his instagram: @shaqqedocket.