Playlist of Blau: Gothy Post Punk Picks from Your New Favorite Band

Playlist by Blau Blau

The Playlist

Common themes in the playlist: “post-punk, goth, acute angles, the color of gun metal, bubbling basslines, call-and-response guitars lifted from Tom Verlaine’s rec room ping pong table, the sound drums make when they’re thrown off a cliff, dread.”

The Band

Blau Blau is a fresh new rock band out of Boston, featuring members of Mini Dresses, Gracie, New Highway Hymnal. They play sparse, dreamy pop music with the sure-footedness of their past collaborations. We talk about the playlist and their first batch of recordings, the Kiss Kiss EP below.


Will’s Picks:
Mega Bog — “Ash Guppie”
Sun Young — “Come”
The Smiths — “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before”

Travis’s Picks:
Wall — “Cuban Cigars”
Gang of Four — “Guns Before Butter”
Devo — “Gates of Steel”

Caufield’s Picks:
Obscurity Age – “False Illusioni”
Grauzone — “Raum”
Pylon — “Altitude”

Lira’s Picks:
Pram — “Radio Freak in a Storm”
A Certain Ratio — “And Then Again”
Essential Logic — “Alber”

Spark & Fizz: Would you classify some/all of the songs in your playlist as musical influences? If so, tell me some specific aspects of the music that inspired you.

Blau Blau: They taught us to be concise.

Do the band members have any common interests outside of music?

Ice cold Powerade.

Gatorade when it’s really warm. hot even.

What would it look like if your favorite musician joined the band playing your least favorite instrument?

Daryl Hall playing the Viper fretted violin

How’s your band name pronounced? 

kɪs kɪs

What is the most proper/ideal/conducive environment or mindset for someone to hear your music for the first time?

Ideally someone would hit play as the listener bowls a strike at Lanes & Games.

If I lent you use the keys to our time machine, what would be the ideal year for Blau Blau to release their first LP?

The day Lanes and Games was opened. Kiss Kiss would be playing during the ribbon cutting ceremony.