Park Slug’s: The Serpentine Miner Mixtape

Park Slug (Janelle LaMarche) is responsible for many killer shows around Boston! Her booking tastes range from intimate folk to eye-ball splitting noise. Her shows have featured such killer acts as Pile, Goddard, Kiss Concert, Fax Holiday, bloodpheasant, and Bellwire

My original idea came from wanting to showcase Human Sexual Response, a great (albeit short-lived) Boston art punk band.

I was additionally inspired by the decadence and theatrics of post-punk, classic concept albums (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Zen Arcade), and also narrative songs about iconic/notorious characters (John Henry, Jackie-O, Gary Gilmore).

The title comes from the Wire track Outdoor Miner, which is a pop gem about insect larva that feed on plants.  Their life span is short and goes in circles and heck if I can find a better metaphor than that.

It’s a mix about love, the media, and true madness.  Hope you enjoy!

The Serpentine Miner Mixtape

  1. “Jackie Onassis,” Human Sexual Response. (1980) / BOSTON!

    Local Boston cult band and their classic hit, kind of spawned the mix

  2. “John Henry,” Dog Faced Hermans. (1989) / Scotland

    Cover of the folk tale

  3. “Pink Turns to Blue,” Husker Du. (1984) / U.S.
  4. “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes,” The Adverts. (1979) / England
  5. “Terrified,” Liliput/Kleenex. (1983) / Switzerland
  6. “Outdoor Miner,” Wire. (1978) / England
  7. “Resistance,” The Sound. (1980) / England

    Rad Post Punk jam, from a pretty flawless album. 

  8. “Anyway,” Genesis. (1974) / England
  9. “Goodbye Toulouse,” The Stranglers. (1977) / England

    Describes the destruction of Toulouse predicted by Nostradamus