Metal Moves Him: An Eloy Morales Playlist

Eloy Morales is a Spanish photorealist painter. He is known for portraits of faces covered in paint. I found his art online and was struck by his talent and asked him to make a playlist of the music he listens to while making art. Turns out Eloy is a metalhead. This makes sense.

Spark & Fizz: Do you listen to music when you make art?

Eloy Morales: Yes, I like to work while hearing music, metal music normally.

Does music ever influence your art?

I’m not sure… but the kind of music I hear gives me strength and energy, some kind of a good mood and intense vibe .

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What are your hobbies outside of art? 

I play guitar, I really love it, sometimes even more than painting I have to admit. Painting is not always easy. It’s a struggle and emotionally unstable, playing music just brings me joy.

What are your loftiest goals for how viewers will respond to your art?

I wish them to understand the meaning of what I’m doing, crossing the line of the surface and going beyond. I think this is the hardest part, since normally people pay most attention to technical skills. 

Are you working on a series or toward a particular show right now? 

I always work on concrete projects; I know where the paintings will go before I paint them. Normally I do a solo show every four or five years and in between I work for group shows and art fairs.

Where did the inspiration to paint “Francisco With Butterflies” come from?

From working with Paco, he is a great performer. He made a collaboration with Boobology my band for the videoclip “Taking the Blame.” I really felt impressed so I asked him to model for me, which was a great experience.

Do you see yourself fitting into a larger art scene in Madrid or around the world?

Right now im working around the world, we are passing through hard times in Spain and it’s not a good period for art.

Do you have formal training as a painter? Do you dabble with mediums outside of drawing and oils?

The best training is to spend time working hard focused just in your paintings. I never had another ocupation or job and it makes me stay  mentally connected to my work. It is not a hobby, it’s a life style.