Making Bones: The Ghost of Electricity Transmits a Mixtape

BONES, the latest, spooky-groovy EP from The Ghost of Electricity came out on Spark & Fizz Records last week. We asked Ray McNamara, the man behind the Ghost, to share some of the music that was speaking to him while he worked on BONES. 

Full Youtube Playlist here.


“Shore Leave” – Tom Waits

I started working on BONES after Tom Waits came to me in a dream. o the man who started me down this path will start this mixtape too. The best part about Tom Waits is his ability to create a universe, and be a character in that universe. This track oozes mood and it’s one I find myself always coming back too.

“I Sit on the Ridge at Dusk” – Dirty Projectors

David Longstreth is a hidden genius. This record is called The Getty Address and you should listen to the entire thing in a single sitting. It started as a brilliant choral and orchestral composition, that was recorded, digitally eviscerated with cut and paste, and used as chum for pop songs unlike any songs I have ever come across. It’s intentionally rough around the edges. It’s difficult listening. It’s full of refreshingly thoughtful lyrics with a seriously big message to get across. It’s immensely ambitious and I can’t stress how much I feel that this is a masterpiece that has never been fully recognized, and is in danger of being left behind by modern listeners.

I think of it in the same way I think of Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. Both are groundbreaking albums that are so far afield of their contemporaries that it’s impossible to have a casual conversation over them. The Getty Address, like Bitches Brew, demands your full attention.

“Hwahwa” – Thomas Mapfumo

Known as “The Lion of Zimbabwe” Thomas Mapfumo was imprisoned and effectively exiled from Zimbabwe for his songs protesting the white minority government. He calls his style of music Chimurenga, which translates to something like “The Struggle.” It kicks ass.

“Moondog Dialogue” – Moondog

Louis Thomas Hardin was a complete original. He was also known as “The Viking of 6th Ave” because, well… he would dress as a Viking and perform his music and poetry on 6th Avenue. Moondog goes from messy lo-fi percussion meditation one track, straight into a classical cannon on pipe organ on the on the next track. And it’s not jarring in the least! Fantastic, eclectic stuff.

“Two Urns” – Windhand

Marijuana is good for your health. Listen to stoner metal. Smoke pot and spin Windhand.

“Silver Apples of the Moon” – Morton Subotnick

Put it in your ears puny mortal! Your brain belongs to me now! HUEHUEHUEHUE!

“The Anthropophage” – The Ghost of Electricity