John Canada’s Hip-Hop Favorites

Natalie and Tyler met up with Ben Gill in Richmond, Virginia.  He produces beats as John Canada (soundcloud) for Gritty City, an extremely prolific rap crew.  When we asked him to put together a playlist of songs that influenced him, Ben culled together this 122 song hip-hop saga.  

I’ve been making beats since I was 16 and started to really take it seriously after high school once the prospect of being an adult hit me.  But who needs to be an adult when you make beats and deliver pizza instead? That’s tight.  Hip Hop has been my one true love since I was a toddler so I feel lucky to be able to spend as much time as I do making it. Earlier in the year I joined a crew in Richmond called Gritty City as one of two producers in the group. Gritty City has been rocking Richmond the last five years, releasing an insane amount of high quality music as well putting on the best live show in the city.

Each song in this playlist played a role in my life, shaping who I am as a listener and as a beat maker in one way or another. The playlist ranges from old school 80s joints, to modern trap, to golden age NYC and everything in between.  I love it all.  If you like the playlist or have any questions about the songs, find me on Twitter at @JohnCanada617