Fat Catz Mixtape

Playlist by Clark Casada

Clark Casada is a musician and promoter I met in Nashville, TN. My buddy Paul took me to a show at a bar near his house and Clark came up to introduce himself to me. He was just making a point of getting to know the people he didn’t recognize at a show he set up. I liked this!

Clark books a show as “Fat Catz City” every Sunday night at Nashville’s Foobar. He helps musicians tour through Nashville and puts some energy into his own local scene in the process. Clark picked out some of his favorite acts he’s worked with for today’s playlist.

We spoke on his lunch break from Jimmy John’s, one of two day jobs Clarkworks. His other day job is a night job, running the cash register at a liquor store. Clark was frying rice on his lunch break as we talked.

When asked his corner of the Nashville music scene, he was reticent to limit it.
He said, “I just like being part of promoting the arts. I don’t want to limit what I do to my own taste because my taste evolves all the time.”

So tune on in to some up and coming acts that could be coming to your town next!