Eye Design to Boston: Know Your Scene

Today’s playlist is the Eye Design Know Your Scene comp released in December. The fellow behind the brand, Ian McGregor, has been making shows happen around Boston for a while now. These days he curates the Know Your Scene series at Zuzu. His shows are the first Monday of every month, and you can scope out the next three below. We talk about his work below.

Spark & Fizz: What is Eye Design and when did it start?

Ian McGregor: Eye Design started as a hobby when I first moved to Boston. I really didn’t know anyone when I came here, but I immediately saw the potential in the burgeoning music and art scene. As an avid show goer, I started taking photos and shooting videos, which I would later post under the name Eye Design. It was around 2012 when Eye Design started to become more than a hobby and I began booking shows. The first one was in Aril 2012 at Great Scott, the beginning of a monthly event called Treat Yo Self: Creative Industry Night. TYS was a night featuring local music, art, food, and games. With those nights made me realize how much I liked putting shows together and put more focus in that.

What are your loftiest ambitions for the brand?

Ideally looking to start a practice space/community space. It would be a safe place for bands to practice, play, and hangout. I would love for it to be a main hub for bands to use as their own and foster collaborations.

What type of music does Eye Design support?

Eye Design supports all music but mainly focuses with indie, psych, garage rock, punk, hardcore, and metal.

What’s a favorite show or proudest moment?

There are many. One that stands out would have to be the first ever Trick or Treat Yo Self at Great Scott. The line up was Man Alive!, Civil Warblers, Horsehands, & Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion. We transformed Great Scott into a haunted house. All the bands dressed up, played originals, and a few covers. Two awesome highlights of the night were, a cover of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (from the show 30 Rock) played by Man Alive!, and the theme to the movie Halloween played by Horsehands. Joining the latter was a special guest guitarist, who was none other than the Grim Reaper, Death himself! Along with the music were some homemade treats, comic artist Zombie Bomb! Comic Anthology, custom horror/zombie-centric jewelry and art from Stephanie Barsamian, live illustrations from Josh Morrissette, and visuals from Mondo Fiasco. It was definitely a night to remember!

What do you look for in a band when deciding to book them?

I’d like to give you a methodical answer to that question, but it’s really not that complicated. Basically, I pick bands that I like, regardless of how popular they are. When considering a line-up, I generally try to pick acts that compliment each other. This way, if someone comes to a show to see one band, they might walk away having discovered something new.

And tell us what’s coming up for Eye Design in 2017.

Starting this year Eye Design is helping with some of the booking at Great Scott. Know Your Scene starts back up March 6th, this time the first Monday of every month at Zuzu. KYS is an event to get people aware of local music in New England. All  the bands that play contribute a song for the KYS compilations. Also at the shows there are free custom posters made by a local artist and they design the artwork for the compilations. This year there will be two compilations coming out. First one 7/3 and second one 12/4. For the first half of KYS Dug McCormack will be doing all the art. You can check out Know Your Scene Vol. 1 here.