8 Jams for When You’re Snowed In

We had our first real bit of snow this week and, if you’re like me, you don’t care if it’s an inch or a foot–you just DON’T wanna deal with it! So this week I decided to make a playlist you can listen to while you’re trapped inside the house, in a blanket, ignoring the weather’s shenanigans. Enjoy!

screen-shot-2017-03-30-at-3-33-55-pm1.) “underWATERslide” by FLIES

This is the second song off of FLIES’ new extended EP, Exi(s)t, released just last week. Use this song to begin your transition into a void far away from the impending doom that is snowfall.


2.) “Dionysius” by The Knock Ups

This punk anthem will have you rocking out in your snuggie and singing into a hairbrush in front of your mirror in no time. This single by The Knock Ups was released last week as well, and can turn any snowstorm into a private, in-house concert.


3.) “Violet Train Tracks” by Mallcops

This is my favorite song to walk to. From the moment the drum intro starts and the guitar riff comes in, it just feels inviting. It’s the perfect song to comfort you on your walk home after a day of work. It’s catchy, indie, and angsty.


4.) “Tell Me” by The Rizzos

This rock ballad is what I like to call a “sway-song.” Try it. Just sway back and forth and slightly bob your head up and down as this song plays. Feels natural right? This is a sweet, simple song that everyone can relate to and sing to as the snow outside silently covers everything in sight.


5.) “How The Story Goes” by Ian McFarland

This song is reminiscent of early Weezer. It’s laid-back, tells a story, a good song to listen to while you lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling. Time seems to pass slower when you’re stuck inside, but, with this song playing, it doesn’t feel as bad.


6.) “Wake Up Slow” by Atlas Lab

Atlas Lab is another band that had an album release last week. This song features both male and female vocals that are both soft and striking at the same time. The booming drums compliment the tune’s indie-folk vibe really well and the repetitive, harmonized lyrics continue to echo in your head after the song has finished.

7.) “I Got The Fear” by Breakfast For The Boys

Aubrey Haddard’s vocals on this R&B track will automatically rid you of any anger that you may have bottled up. This song comes from their first album, which was released last spring. The gentle bassline and soulful guitar licks will lull you to a state of calm and warmth that no space-heater could match.


8.) “You Don’t Have To Go” by Brenna Carroll

I conclude this playlist with Brenna Carroll’s most recent composition. Her passionate vocals and intimate piano melodies express something we’ve all felt before–the longing for that special someone to stay with us a little while longer. Despite the weather and responsibilities we may have, all our heart wants is just a few more moments of peace and relief from the outside world.