Themed playlists from our contributors and honored guests.

Top Ten Movie Music Moments of 2017

The confluence of my two most consistent artistic passions, when a song is given exquisite treatment by a film in a way that heightens both the song and the film it’s housed in, often stays with me more than any heated dialogue exchange or thrilling action sequence. Great movie music moments distill a film’s sensual … Continued

Space Jams: A Very Scummy Mixtape

First problem with human eyes? They can be blinded–with SCIENCE. Second problem? They can also be burned with science, extracted with science, blended with science, zapped with science, and jellied with science.

Chronicle of a Pickathon Retold: A Mixtape

Okay, this is not exactly on schedule, but maybe you too are reflecting on a summer festival weekend as the world tears itself apart at the seams. Please enjoy my stroll down recent-memory lane, back to two-weeks-ago-today. You can follow this playlist on youtube and an analogous one on Spotify. Drive By Truckers Other writers … Continued