Sparkbuster Video 2: Electronic & Triphop Allston House Show

Spark & Fizz x Blockbuster Video = Sparkbuster Video

This Sunday afternoon (May 7th), Spark & Fizz continues our laid-back, craft-activity-laden Sunday afternoon get-together. This is our second show at Blockbuster Video, a venerable Allston house venue.

To partake of some local electronic and trip-hop acts, good vibes and Luna’s trusty craft table, email Spark & Fizz for the location.












This Sunday in Allston, MA
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Luna presiding over her cauldron of crafts at the Revere Rock City release show

Did you say craft table?

That’s correct! All our shows in Boston feature our in-house rockin’ craft director, preschool teacher LUNA ESTEY. Here’s why:

  1. It’s an un-awkwarder, a low-pressure way to hang out with new people
  2. Works against the common anxiety that shows are for the in-crowd with a shamelessly childish and innocent activity
  3. Built in show souvenir
  4. Useful reminder of how much you (didn’t know you) missed kindergarten

    Fritz Craft Table