Hot Singles from Contests: Girl Bandit / The Dead Trains / Something//Something / The Skunks

downloadThis special edition of Hot Singles in Your Area is here to inform you of the ferocious genre-blind Contest of Champions, the 30+ battle of the bands put on by the DI WHY show of WEMF radio.

The four radically different finalists will play this Friday at Out of the Blue Art Gallery in Central Square (Cambridge). Spark & Fizz co-founder Jared Andrews will be seated at the judge’s panel.

Who will survive this bloodbath of musical expression?! Take a listen to the finalists before placing your bets!



“Growing Pains” – Girl Bandit

The young and various talents that make up Girl Bandit have a proggy sensibility and a flair for the dramatic. These ambitious songwriters are orchestral and cinematic in “Growing Pains.” It’s much more composition than pop song.



“Going Down to the River” – The Dead Trains

The Dead Trains riff with a sort of Reverend Horton Heat vocabulary. This band is tight and crazy. They’re a freak-out singing murder lyrics, but there’s a method to their madness that makes them easy to get into. Desert guitar sounds with a fully-realized rock and roll persona.



“Bird Songs” – Something//Something

Gosh dang Something//Something have layers! Much like an onion, or an ogre. A parfait maybe. This NH band open up their most recent album, Winter Pattern, with the spacious post-rock “Bird Songs.”  I’d guess the album title refers to the pattern made by a fence in snow, one’s emotional landscape in winter, and the music itself.

The Erik Satie quote in the guitar melody is a nice touch. Fancy!



“Cool Cats” – John E. Funk & The Skunks

Jammy college funk band John E. Funk & The Skunks feature a tight rap verse from G-Dot-O on “Cool Cats.”  The Skunks would appeal to fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and other 90’s funk-rock outfits. But things get pretty jazzy toward the end of this track.