Musicians & Dragons: Babydriver/halfsour

Intimate Interviews Season 2, baby

Spark & Fizz started a year and a half ago with a series of interviews/activities profiling our favorite Boston musicians. These videos ranged from the informative to the slapstick to the absurd. We decided to kick off the next batch of these with a favorite shtick from season 1: the ol’ DND game.

Recently Mikhail Gorbachev observed that it looks as though the world is preparing for war (*shudders*). We all need to keep reading the newspaper, but if you, like I, find peace in fantasy violence and collective storytelling, please enjoy this 1 hours dose of silliness and friendship.

Our guest musicians include the ever-charming Tommy Palmer (here playing a ranger) and the roguish Ian Gustafson (here playing a rogue). Tommy and Ian both play in one of our favorite Boston bands, Babydriver, and Ian also plays in GBV cover band turned lofi hit-factory, halfsour.


Babydriver / halfsour
Shout out to Dan Hass and the Dimgaard campaign, on which I based our adventure.