Jake McKelvie of the Countertops: An Intimate Puzzle Interview

Jared and Tyler sat down with lyrical madman, Jake McKelvie, songwriter and frontman of Keene’s Jake McKelvie and the Countertops. The Countertops play original pop songs in the style of punked-out 90s indie rock. Jake has a gift for long, complex lyrical lines that go down easy. He writes from a place of detached amusement, with an appreciation for the weird details of everyday life.

We left the camera running for two hours of kitty jigsaw puzzle solving. Presented here are the juiciest nuggets––Jake talks about his middle school band, the Keene Pumpkin Festival riot, and how he feels when he gets nervous (spoiler: sweaty). Watch the gentlemen drift through various states of commitment to their puzzle and gaze into the deep, deep deadpan behind the Countertops’ sensibility.

Shot and edited by Tyler and Jared. Filmed on location at Union Coffee Shop and Jake’s house.