Dr. Gasp: An Intimate Pumpkin Carving Interview

It is the 13th year of Gasp––that fez-sporting fixture of New England Halloween. Only a month ago, Dr. Gasp was Dan Blakeslee, cheerful artist and folksy singer-songwriter.  But in this intimate interview, Jared finds Dan is long gone. There is only Gasp now.

As Jeckyl becomes Hyde, so Mr. Blakeslee transforms into Dr. Gasp every year during the month of October. His wistful crooning is then replaced by Gasp’s villainous bass, reveling in the fun and weirdness of October 31st.

Watch Jared stumble into a pumpkin-carving apprenticeship with the doctor himself above. And catch Dr. Gasp tomorrow (October 23rd) at The Burren in Davis Square.