The Soul Shop / Babydriver / Amy Kucharik

"I'm Not Coming Home (It's Christmas)" - The Soul Shop

Local all-analogue recording studio The Soul Shop put out a killer Christmas album last year. It features a host of talented musicians who frequent the shop.
Elio DeLuca, the studio’s primary engineer, put this song together with his Blinders bandmate Marc Valois. Members of Eternals along with Brian E. King of Parks fill out the band. It’s an easy rocker for those too cynical to enjoy Christmas songs without heartache.



“R2R” – Babydriver

I betchoo never tried that stuff. I betchoo never light it up.

Babydriver’s at the Lilypad this Saturday. “R2R” (riches to rags) from October’s Let All The Sun In is a subdued punk rock stunner. With its own frantic pop logic, it reminds me of the fun side of Sparklehorse. Check out the album to get the full picture.



“Cthu-Lluau” – Amy Kucharik

And all the cultists say: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

If you’re feeling a little nightmare before Christmas, dig into “Cthu-Luau.” Jazzy ukulele artist Amy Kucharik came home to Boston a few weeks ago. She lays down some incredible mouth trumpet on this number.

For those who’d see the bright side of a world-ending horror coming to snuff us out.