Hot Singles On Your Planet: Jake McKelvie / The Heligoats / Hallelujah The Hills

Jake McKelvie is killing it lately. The third episode of Crashing Your Planet features an enlightening interview with Ryan Walsh, songwriter for Hallelujah the Hills. He goes on tour on the 24th with The Heligoats. And last week he hit us with a brand new solo song. Get down to three Jake-themed hot singles below.



“Rhinestone Busboy” – Jake McKelvie

     I thought I would have you much sooner than later.

Like other songs by Jake, this one feels familiar with its unapologetically honest lyrics and fly-on-the-wall intimacy. And I’m pleased with that that – those are good qualities to hang your (cowboy) hat on. What sets this tune apart, though, is the country ballad pacing and his weathered resolution. I look forward to hearing this song on a jukebox somewhere, twenty years from now.



“Ham Sandwich” – The Heligoats

With a Mike Doughty-esque jingle jangle, “Ham Sandwich” satisfies my musical tummy in a very specific way. For instance, I know it’s only April, but this song makes me want to walk down to some public beach on a sweltering day, just so I can kick up some sand in front of strangers and feel good about it. And come July, maybe I will. Thanks for the tip, The Heligoats!



“I’m in the Phonebook, I’m on the Planet, I’m Dying Slowly” – Hallelujah The Hills

Very hot off the press is a track from A Band Is Something To Figure Out, H.T.H.’s new record just released two weeks ago. I zeroed in on this one solely because it has “planet” in the title, and ya know, relevance etc. etc. In all seriousness though, this song has everything you’d want in the midpoint of an album – a tempo that re-energizes you, a catchy as hell (albeit bleak) hook, and enough fuzzy mystery to keep you interested.