Hot Singles in NYC: Baked / Bethlehem Steel / Eamon Fogarty

“Teeth” – Eamon Fogarty

     If it’s a convenient odyssey I’ll go.


Eamon Fogarty’s first album is an addled smorgasbord of modern psychedelia. But much to his credit the album’s trippiness comes from its compositions and not its effects pedals. His baritone, straight-faced singing reminds me of a young Beck.

Eamon describes this song’s subject as “ambivalence towards action in the face of slow, irreversible catastrophe, in this case the deterioration of the body. There are three rhythm guitar tracks, all in different tunings and recorded at different tape speeds. At the time it was written I’d been having recurring dreams in which my teeth would, very matter-of-factly and without alarm, crumble and/or fall out.” Such dreams are common enough to stir up 900,000 pages of google search results. So if you’re having the same dream, may this song sooth and/or disturb you!



“87s” – Bethlehem Steel


Bethlehem Steel are making good music. If this is noise pop I think I’m starting to get noise pop. “87s” borrows its guitar tone and opening dissonant feedback from punk and hardcore, but delivers a smart pop song mixed like shoegaze. Utterly of the 21st century & steeped in cool.

Their singer Becca told us, “I wrote it while I was in a lot of pain from losing one of my best friends. I was feeling like I didn’t want people to forget how great he was even if I had to carve that into someones flesh. Thats what its about.”



“Hungry Ghosts” – Baked


As the weather gets colder I’ve been playing this song a lot. I assume the title refers to the Pac Man ghosts, unsung heroes of 20th century pop culture. This song has rock and roll attitude. It’s in no hurry. The band shows off its prowess in the instrumental section.