HOT SINGLES IN MASSACHUSETTS – Mal Devisa / Bent Shapes / Lost Film

“USA Vs. POR” — Bent Shapes

    Flock to the bar for ‘USA versus poor’.
    I’m not surprised anymore.


For elevating the conversation in the three minute pop song, we’re keen on Bent Shapes. I think we can thank rap for getting ears ready to hear words and ideas come at us this fast. The song’s title comes from the score of a soccer game spotted by singer Ben Potrykus. Ben took POR to stand for the impoverished receiving end of American imperialism, and thus the song’s soulful “Darling…” speech turns out to be more of a Noam Chomsky lecture than a romantic address. The part is made by bassist Jenny Mudarri’s sweet crooning background vocals: “Smash the state!”

Catchy, entertaining food for thought.


“Daisy” – Mal Devisa


 Northampton wunderkind Mal Devisa delivered a powerful full-length album at the start of this month. Mal Devisa is Deja Carr, a minimalist with a beautiful voice and killer bass attack. “Daisy” shows off both.  The verse grooves like a White Stripes song with a better singer.

 “Silver Keys” – Lost Film

A pop song on sedatives. Dreamy, shoegazing rock that hearkens back to the harshly clean tones of The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen. Lost Film know how to make happy sad and vice versa. Throw it on to make a dreary morning cheerier or sunny afternoon drearier.