Hot Singles in Boston: Thrust Club / CosMc / Scanpire

Like pairing the right wine to your meal, it can be a bit of a bother to find just the right tracks from your favorite Boston artists to suit your mood. Well just take my hand and I will guide you. 

No, the other hand. 

Look––never mind. Just follow me.


“Codebreakers” – Thrust Club

Feeling under-appreciated? Worried your talents might never receive their proper recognition? It’s OK. It’ll happen. Give it time. Consider the codebreaking women of WWII whose work was kept under wraps for decades and, even after the official veil of secrecy was lifted, their efforts were greatly overshadowed by that of their male counterparts.

Enter Boston’s own Thrust Club to give the women of Bletchley Park something that no documentary or BBC series ever could: a party anthem. The song kicks off like a Morse code signal at its own birthday party. These champions of the underdog (and indeed champions of actual dogs with their salute to Soviet Space Dogs on their forthcoming EP) reminds you that ultimately, given time, no good deed goes un-rocked about.



“Drool” – CosMc

But maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to wait several decades for your brilliance to be recognized. I mean, honestly, who has that kind of time these days? Welp, that’s when you have no choice but to fire up that giant mech-bot you’ve been building and unleash it upon the fools who’ve kept you down for so long. And CosMc is there with “Drool” to provide the perfect sonic backdrop for your steel-screeching vengeance to play out. The opening blast of feedback and cymbals are both a prelude and a one-minute warning before the main theme kicks in and the destruction begins. It topples telephone poles and sets off car alarms in its wake.



“Double Monsters Life” – Scanpire

Man, you’ve had a rough day. But now the dust has settled, the mech-bot stowed away back in your rental storage unit. You wave reassuringly at the departing investigators who’ve closed and pocketed their notebooks, convinced by your shaky alibi and guileless affect that you didn’t have anything to do with the fate that befell those poor fools.

Time now to relax and find your center with some Scanpire. A storm of guitars and sounds of unknown origin, distorted and flanged to the moons of Jupiter and back, swarms around a warm, earthy acoustic guitar like the Aurora Borealis shimmering above a pine forest as you drift off….



Then you jolt awake, “Did I remember to lock that storage unit?!!!”

But no one is there to answer you.

I kinda snuck out the back when things started getting weird.