Hot Singles in Boston: Nice Guys / Funeral Advantage / The Ghost of Electricity

Some exciting releases coming out of Boston this week–a new video from Funeral Advantage, a full-length release from NICE GUYS and the 1st single off the 1st Spark & Fizz Records release, BONES by The Ghost of Electricity!



“Gardensong” – Funeral Advantage

    … your FACE IS GONNA DIE!…


Tyler Kershaw opens his vault of middle school camcorder footage. The result is an entertaining supercut that’s part skate tape, part trampoline stunt demo, part forced hand-saw amputation, and all pre-teen attitude. Those of us who went through puberty in mid-2000s New England may find it ludicrously poignant.

The song is a good one––working with a washed-out punk rock feel akin to Deerhunter. The droning pop-depression lead vocals subverts the kids’ good time.



“Meatsweats” – NICE GUYS


Tones as sweet as the title is disgusting. The party punks of Nice Guys deliver blurting brutal rock and roll with this track from their new LP, WSM. Fast Black Sabbath riffage, late Black Flag noise making, and freaked-out garage guitar solos. Turn it up in the drive through.



“The Ritual” – The Ghost of Electricity

      I wear your bones in my hair, rattle fistfuls of car parts.


The Ghost of Electricity, Ray McNamara, gets weird as hell on his new EP Bones. This first single previews the EP’s haunting harmonic choices and darkly philosophical lyrics. Ray forms the music’s freaky rhythmic skeleton from the sampled sounds of car parts and bones. It’s roughly the percussive palette of Bone Machine Tom Waits, but grooving to a logic foreign to most rock listeners.