Hot Singles in Boston: Eternals / Mini Dresses / Andy Sadoway

"Bar Room Dancing" - Eternals

Holy shit Isn’t That Anyone, the new Eternals LP, is really good. With crystal clear production from Q Studios, this is a complete and mature tour de force for the Boston locals. “Barroom Dancing” has a “Cleveland Rocks” quality to it, especially after the bizarre sonic trick of the band shutting down behind Eric Bolton’s fiercely attacked descending chords. It’s position on the album, smack in the middle of all this careful, pensive Wilco rock, gives “Barroom Dancing” real emotional effect. Exuberance, the opposite of jadedness, dance, rock without prefixes:  good things for our scene.



"Bracelets" - Mini Dresses

Mini Dresses know how to manage atmosphere, and how to write songs that benefit from spacious reverb and a slow tempo. I love the guitar blend. Their latest EP FOUR scratches a similar itch as Warpaint, but sticks to a tighter pop structure. The music is dark but sweet, like the sunken ship level in Mario 64.



"I Mean Well" - Andy Sadoway

Bent Shapes drummer, Andy Sadoway, has put out a nice selection of carefully arranged pop with Having Trouble Again. It taps into the spirit of the first half of the last century, but the music is updated to fit the woes of modern life and the aesthetics of a tight rock band. There’s an old-fashioned wit to the guitar parts and musical interludes. It has the straight-faced comedy of The Magnetic Fields: “If I throw up, will I be ashamed of the attention?” You sense there’s a story there. We’ll never know.