Hot Singles in Boston: Dirty Bangs / Undersea

“Song For Lester” – Dirty Bangs

     I’m searchin’ for that soul that I just don’t feel anymore.

Never did you expect that channeling Bob Dylan could tie together a shoegaze pop song. Sometimes you must concede that everything has its place. “Song for Lester” is fuzzy. A deep, resonating pulse carries  the listener warmly to the end. There is the twist however–“Song for Lester” is full of bitter lyrics, sprayed out to an old lover who just can’t stay in the past. It’s a rewarding listen that perfectly captures the moment when the desire to move on finally outweighs being caught in the backslide.


“Used to Believe” – Undersea

     Have you ever told a lie?


A haunting tangle of layered guitars and synths, “Undersea” really pulls off an entrancing song in three parts.  The stacked delayed guitars tumble ever onward over a searching drum pattern as our narrator reassesses what drives him, what gives life meaning now that it’s gone.  Just as soon as it all synthesizes together, the song turns on its head, looping and meandering inside of itself in a fresh attempt to reassemble.  It all results in a brilliant payoff that seems like it could echo endlessly if only you let it.