Hot Singles in Boston: Babydriver / Monkeys of a Bygone Era / Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents

“Idle Hands” – Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents



On their 2014 full-length, Electric Candyland, Jenny Dee carried the torch for Abba, with thickly orchestrated dance-pop and the catchiest little backup vocals you ever did hear. With their latest single, the Deelinquents’ explore their country side. Their pop sensibilities are firmly intact, and the keys and guitars are sounding vicious.



“Settle Down” – Babydriver

Boston’s Babydriver take to the woods in the summery video for “Settle Down,“ off their stellar full-length Let All the Sun In. The song relies on its writing, with sparse instrumentation and Tommy Palmer’s raspy vocals front and center in the mix. You may recall Tommy talking out the album and sharing some of his influences on ye olde mixtape.



“Hair of The Dog” – Monkeys of a Bygone Era

     Everything I own is covered in dog hair.

This song deals with not the cure for a hangover, but the problem commonly solved by a lint roller. With a voice and style reminiscent of early Bowie, that certain amount of crazy in the vocals is tempered by relatively reserved playing. The perky Motown bassline really does it for me, and that whistling sound in the first instrumental break–what is that? Whistling?