Chew / Weakened Friends / Barbazons

“Chilly” – The Barbazons

     Sleeping next to you is like passing out on the flooooor.

Hear The Barbazons help Hallelujah the Hills ring in the new year this Thursday at Great Scott. In the meantime, whet your palette with this slice of seasonally appropriate garage pop. A little Phil Spector, a little Beat Happening–methinks this band has a pretty cool record collection.



“95 (Acoustic)” – Weakened Friends

     You know how to really get to me.

Weakened Friends released this new acoustic video on Christmas. “95” is a well-crafted pop song made very pretty with the tasteful keys playing. It’s nice to hear Sonia Sturino’s vocals in the raw. The “real” version of the song is still in-process or under wraps–it will come out with their next EP. For their usual rocking and rolling, check their Bandcamp.



“Stick Around Here” – Chew

     And I’ve only been happy a handful of times, and they were all in the middle of the night.

Chris Chew is half of Gentle Persons Gently, the design team behind our our saucy “Hot Singles” banner. This past summer he labored in secret recording the wonderful bedroom pop EP, Sticking; Not Stuck. The EP manages to sound both obsessively orchestrated and rough around the edges. It is full of heart. This track showcases Chris’s silly and soulful bedroom belting.