Mini Dresses – “Fantasy Nails”

Mini Dresses

The sketchy beauty of Boston’s Mini Dresses has intrigued us since *Four*. “Fantasy Nails,” the first single off their upcoming record, is a swaggery five minutes and forty one seconds. For some reason I want to call this guitar chewy, and I think by that I mean it’s flexible. Bandmembers Caufield and Lira offered a little insight:

”Fantasy Nails” is the name of a nail salon in Arlington, MA where we recorded the album. The lyrics describe a late night manicure infomercial, which awakens other sentiments. We recorded three different versions of this song to tape–this is the one we liked best because it is falling apart a little bit.

The music sounds precious and fussed over, but effortlessly vital. The song calls to mind chilly weather and may help us get through the remaining dog days of summer.

Joy Void 2017

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