Guided by Voices – “Goodbye Note”

Sandlin Gaither

I was in a van with Crashing Your Planet host Jake McKelvie. We were trying to pick a good song from the new Guided by Voices LP August by Cake. It turns out, more than one song on August By Cake is good, but this is the tune that spoke to both of us. This song has a bubblegum quality, and a From a Basement on the Hill quality, but dressed in the GBV sonic furs that, for me, call to mind a benevolent yeti.

When I got in touch I learned the song was penned by guitarist Doug Gillard. He said:

Bob wanted more songs from band members before we recorded the bulk of August By Cake, and wanted to hear them immediately, so I wrote Goodbye Note in about 30 minutes or so and played everything on it with the help of Travis Harrison, our producer and engineer here in NYC.

A friend once (dubiously) attributed to Elvis Costello a misremembered quote that goes something like this: “If you can’t write a song in ten minutes, it’s not worth writing.” List this song as evidence in that perspective’s favor. It comes off August by Cake on

Guided by Voices Inc. 2017.

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