Antonioni – “A Line Describing A Cone”

Sarah Pasillas of Antonioni


The music of Antonioni came into my life last month in a Seattle basement. I was captivated by this fully formed artistic vision in the murkiest of sonic settings. Frontwoman Sarah Pasillas offers some context for today’s good song:

“A Line Describing a Cone” was inspired by Anthony McCall’s solid-light film and exhibition, Line Describing a Cone. This song is very special to me–I wrote it about five years ago. It came to me really quickly, in about an hour, as I was sitting on my parents’ couch. I don’t write songs this way any more. Everything is more collaborative in Antonioni. This is a very “Sarah” song.

This good song appears on Antonioni’s latest EP, Lullablaze.

Antonioni 2017.

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