La Sera – “I Really Need an Angel”

La Sera by Julia Brokaw

La Sera is a collaboration between ex- Vivian Girl Katy Goodman and Todd Wisenbacker. The guitar layers of “I Really Need An Angel” sounds like an American The Smiths. Goodman and Wisenbacker trade verses, him singing, “I need an angel to love me.” Yeah, it does require an angelic quality to love another human being. The song ambles along with similar bittersweet pop wisdom, then it’s suddenly blindsided by a massive guitar solo over a hook from Led Zeppelin’s “How Many More Times.” It’s a beautiful murder of indie rock right there in the indie rock song.

If that sounds confusing, you oughta know that La Sera’s new EP, Queens, primarily features re-recordings of their Ryan-Adams-produced Music For Listening To Music To. There was no Zeppelin in their original MFLTMT recording, “I Need An Angel.” The revived “I Really Need An Angel” reflects the song’s evolution over the course of the band’s first major tour. The new EP also includes a Whole Lotta Love cover.

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