Good Songs

Good Songs is a song of the day podcast curated by Spark & Fizz.

Little Star – “I Just Wanna Lie”

A standout track called “i just wanna lie” from Little Star’s demo collection love and kisses gets the full treatment on their recent self-titled album. “I Just Wanna Lie” (now with capital letters) maintains its standout status with crisp production that feels like it fills every space of your ear with infectious falsetto vocals. With … Continued

Garden Boys – “Venus Flytrap”

Bocha (left) and Donte Thomas (right)

  Donte Thomas and Bocha, two rappers out of Portland, OR, recently combined their powers to make Garden Boys. I saw them whip a stiff crowd into a proper party with their dancing and on-point delivery. DJDD’s production on “Venus Flytrap” forebodes and entices, the brass bassline calling to mind a sort of Scooby Doo … Continued

Daniel Bonespur – Fubby

  Daniel Bonespur is a trip without ever sounding like anything but a sweetheart. A pitch-perfect voice with a wry perspective and fanciful sense of storytelling that builds on that of The Magnetic Fields’ Stephen Merritt. Mr. Bonespur often tours solo, so it’s a treat to hear him accompanied on this track by a sympathetic … Continued