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The following is a work of fiction. All resemblances to celebrity chefs living, dead or undead is imaginary, or has been placed in the mind of the reader by an unholy parasite from beyond the veil of sleep.

DIWHY – Andrew Lowrey’s Venture into Public Access Television

Andrew Lowrey is a man who wears many different hats- figuratively, since I’ve never seen his hat collection. Known as a musician, podcaster and radio personality among other things, Andrew is the brainchild behind his current radio program DIWHY. The show has been running on WEMF Radio in Cambridge since 2014, although Andrew has been … Continued

Moss Toss Recording

I want a 17 year old to come to me and say, “hey can you record my band and make us tapes for under $200?” and we can say, “fuck yea we can”.