Billy Mack Crashes Your Planet


Anti-folk musician Billy Mack hails from Allentown, Pennsylvania, the, “city without limits.” He wrote the town a theme song and posted an invitation on the internet for people to record their own versions. He received 95 recordings.

Billy Mack made “a real Facebook page for a fake coffee shop” called Coffee House Without Limits to share everyone’s recordings. Soon he found himself talking to coffee grinders and navigating the paperwork at City Hall.

Jake talks with Billy three weeks after opening the real brick & mortar Coffee House Without Limits in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They also talk about the business, touring without a car, and more “open-source songwriting” projects.

Jake’s contribution to Billy’s “open source songwriting project.”

You can hear all 95 versions of Billy’s song here. Don’t forget to subscribe to Jake’s podcast on iTunes.

Billy Mack Collector


Coffee House Without Limits