Jumping In

Yes we are always open to new contributors. Just know that Spark & Fizz is, at this time, a labor of love. We can only compensate our contributors with help making their ideas a (virtual) reality.

Folks interested in:

  • rock journalism
  • social media
  • video production
  • working on their interviewing / writing skills
    • or anything it might seem to you that we do or might want to do
  • getting involved with shows in Boston or PDX

should get in touch via an email to:


Submitting Music

We’ll (eventually) listen to anything that gets sent to us, but most of our music coverage focuses on rock that is not mainstream radio friendly, preferring bands that put their energies into their song writing, lyrics, or sonic palette. You can check out this mixtape by our editor for some aesthetic points of reference.

You could also send us a letter, CD, tape, or record. We really like mail:

Spark & Fizz
PO Box 380157
Cambridge MA 02238