Tyler Berd

Tyler Berd is the editor and manager of Spark & Fizz. He named the project while writing a series of haiku for NH rock venue, The Stone Church.

Anne Malin – “Endless Road”

“Endless Road” is tucked into the back half of the new Anne Malin album, Fog Area. This ghostly good song deserves a real listen in a quiet setting. The guitar playing is simultaneously restrained, careless, and rhythmically certain. Attentive ears will be sucked into the ambience, the sense of a creaking room. It’s a song of … Continued

Slime of the Ancient Mariner

It’s said that humans are the only animals able to contemplate their own mortality. Planet Scumm #4 features tales of death and the end times, as experienced by the most human among us: lobsters. Also some aliens, robots, and a baby. Our summer issue, brimming forth with some of the finest & boldest science fiction is now available in … Continued

Dutch Tulips – “Love You Bae”

Okay full disclosure. Three out of four Tulips are in my wedding band, so you’d better hit play before I ruin your objectivity with my pro-Tulip bias. “Love You Bae” is a crazed, stomping power pop spectacle in the tradition of Weezer and The Cars. The guitar sounds horny, the vocals preoccupied with the grotie … Continued

Today Junior – “Gracie”

Eazy-breezy Boston surf psychedelia. On their plaintive ballad, “Gracie,” Today Junior’s sweet vocal harmonies will tickle your ear drums and filet your neurons. The song was shared on Spark & Fizz’s 2016 comp Revere Rock City. Since then Today Junior have released an EP & an LP, both available on their bandcamp. Today Junior, 2015.