Tyler Berd

Tyler Berd is the editor and manager of Spark & Fizz. He named the project while writing a series of haiku for NH rock venue, The Stone Church.

A Box of Stars – “Wrong”

Vermont’s Macaulay Lerman combines a weepy violin, the sonic sense of a barn, a pinch of Leonard Cohen low, creaky voice into the warm and rough-hewn, “Wrong.” Sounds like Cassadaga Bright Eyes, Heart of Gold Neil Young, and other ambivalent inheritors of country music. The lyrics are both straightforward and poetic give the song a meditative, non-circular … Continued

Delicate Steve – “Winners”

Steve Marion is the rare guitar god who tours and generally exists in the biosphere of “indie rock,” a genre built at least partially on a disdain for mastering your instrument. Steve has mastered his instrument, and his pedal board. But he still writes pop songs. His guitar parts have the phrasing of vocal hooks, … Continued

Carlos Hernandez – “Crush”

New York CIty’s Carlos Hernandez dwells joyously in the crater Thundercat blew into pop music. “Crush” is sweet and rhythmically uplifting, with a wise use of space. The beats are remarkable for their elastic idiosyncracies. The lead guitar fluctuates between petulance and beachy fluency. You might get into this if you listen mostly to jazz or mostly to funk. But normier listeners can connect with it too. I mean everyone’s had a crush.

Courtney Swain – “Snow Globe”

Courtney Swain is best known as the powerhouse voicebox of Providence’s Bent Knee. On her solo EP, Growing Pains, she shows a side that’s soft and jazzy. “Snow Globe” covers a great deal of emotional ground while staying sonically endearing. Dig in if you dig Joni Mitchel, Regina Spektor, or if you, like Courtney, don’t … Continued

HUMAN RESOURCES (Planet Scumm #5)

It’s here. The new Planet Scumm is a tender and bizarre collection of short science fiction. Press play to hear “THE TOWER,” in which a group of robots become free-thinking and are immediately depressed. The world and the robots are original and clearly drawn. And though no humans are in the story, humanity’s fingerprints are all over the … Continued