Tyler Berd

Tyler Berd is the editor and manager of Spark & Fizz. He named the project while writing a series of haiku for NH rock venue, The Stone Church.

Slime of the Ancient Mariner

It’s said that humans are the only animals able to contemplate their own mortality. Planet Scumm #4 features tales of death and the end times, as experienced by the most human among us: lobsters. Also some aliens, robots, and a baby. Our summer issue, brimming forth with some of the finest & boldest science fiction is now available in … Continued

Dutch Tulips – “Love You Bae”

Okay full disclosure. Three out of four Tulips are in my wedding band, so you’d better hit play before I ruin your objectivity with my pro-Tulip bias. “Love You Bae” is a crazed, stomping power pop spectacle in the tradition of Weezer and The Cars. The guitar sounds horny, the vocals preoccupied with the grotie … Continued

Today Junior – “Gracie”

Eazy-breezy Boston surf psychedelia. On their plaintive ballad, “Gracie,” Today Junior’s sweet vocal harmonies will tickle your ear drums and filet your neurons. The song was shared on Spark & Fizz’s 2016 comp Revere Rock City. Since then Today Junior have released an EP & an LP, both available on their bandcamp. Today Junior, 2015.

You Win Scumm, You Lose Scumm

My fellow Americans––and we are really, the best, the best of fellows––everything’s fine. Nothing to worry about. This is very, very, VERY normal. This visitor, he’s-she’s, it’s, I dunno the thing yet––he’s just here to visit. Okay? A visitor, who is very special, and is going to do some things––that’s all! Now, some people don’t … Continued