Eric Loucks

Hey there. I'm an occasional author and living human person. Usually i'm in my house reading or playing video games but other times I do other things.

Ex Machina Review

Nathan, an unstable but ingenious wunderkind programmer is playing a weird game of chicken with a series of increasingly sophisticated conscious machines.

Peon #27, May 1953

The idea of the Blesh was that this was an unnecessary, limiting and slightly precious conceit and that science fiction should allow itself to experiment not only with what humans might do in the future, but also with what they might be.

Sci-Fi Fanzines

You are Scum! Welcome to this first issue of my very own periodical, dedicated to you – the target demographic of mainstream media (that’s everyone not employed by mainstream media). You are on the receiving end of the utter contempt with which broadcast, print and corporate internet publishers treat their audience. To the powers that … Continued