Attention Scum!

Diving into indie publishing and fan subcultures. Topics to date: science fiction, punk publishing, and urban exploration.

NYPL Zine Collection Impressions

The New York Public Library is an institution: massive, sprawling and glorious in its dedication to collecting and making literature available. There is a dizzying array of every kind and stipe of written work in the library’s collection as well as a host of other cultural artifacts and art objects. Deep in the main branch … Continued

Marquee Moon

When Marquee Moon came out the literati embraced it, but audiences seemed not to care and Television didn’t tour it aggressively or exhaust themselves promoting it.

The Sci-Fi Zine! New Punk Essays Upcoming!

Last month, Attention Scum focused on Science Fiction, tracing its part in the roots of early zine production, its interactions with popular culture and the connections to folk mythology that came out of the genre’s transition into the hands of fan publishers. This month will focus on Punk Rock zines/culture and the way those zines … Continued

Ex Machina Review

Nathan, an unstable but ingenious wunderkind programmer is playing a weird game of chicken with a series of increasingly sophisticated conscious machines.

Peon #27, May 1953

The idea of the Blesh was that this was an unnecessary, limiting and slightly precious conceit and that science fiction should allow itself to experiment not only with what humans might do in the future, but also with what they might be.