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Spark & Fizz is a record label / rock + culture blog headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Oregon. Spark & Fizz loves guitar music that’s literate, handmade, and heartfelt.

Spark & Fizz spans the psychoanalytic reading of lyrics in Jack Holland’s The Formal Observer, to long conversations on the work-a-day aspects of independent musicianship on Jake McKelvie’s Crashing Your Planet podcast. We also have no shortage of mixtapes, curated by musicians, artists, and our regular contributors.

Behold our full record catalogue on our bandcamp.

The Regulars


Alyssa Alarcon:

illustrator / video-woman

Jared Andrews:

web designer / Intimate Interviewer

Tyler Burdwood:

editor / label manager / content factory

Luna Estey:

Queen of the craft table, puns

Natalie Kovalcik:

cartoonist / creative producer

Jake McKelvie:

host of Crashing Your Planet / web designer

Ronnica Rogers:

Boston booking / contributor